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August 11-25, 2012

Lynda and Rob's Excellent Adventure

sunny 28 °C

Arrival in Paris was smooth, I slept most of the way, Rob did not :( maybe too excited??. This is Rob's first time to France and Italy my second. The last time I was here I was in my early 20's and backpacking on my own for 2 months... This time I am with my sweetheart husband Rob and we are not backpacking thank goodness....

Ok we arrive in Paris and make our way to the Gare de Lyon train station...It is hot and we are hungry so we find a nice out door terrace resturant Cafe de la Plage, and order food, I order a Heinakien and Rob a coffee. The waitress brings him an expresso in a tiny cup...I forgot about this portion difference from what we are used to in North America...it has been 20 years....

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Train to The Chateaux...

1st Class train good call Rob :) Chateau amazing!!

sunny 28 °C

We board our first train...high Speed...we reserved first class throughout our trip and I am so glad I let Rob talk me into 1st class train travel, it is sooo worth it. Lots of leg room for Rob, privacy, air conditioning, more refined travelers, and... you gotta love the free wine... :)
IMG_1264.jpg 1IMG_1262.jpg
Our first stop Clesse France. We arrive in Macon train station and are greeted by a taxi driver holding our names on a sign and he whisks us off to the Chateau... We pass fields of sunflowers and tiny french villages made of stone. They gotta be hundreds of years old but all so beautifully maintained, with flowers and flower boxes everywhere...so beautiful...

We arrive at the Chateau Besseuil WOW! So beautiful!! Chateau is in the heart of Burgundy dating from 1520.

Catherine a girl I have been corresponding with for our booking is there to welcome us, she is as lovely... She shows us to our room, she has upgraded us, as I had requested a big bed for my 6'2 inch hubby she thought we would be more comfortable in a suite... sweet :) !!

It is late and we are tiered and hungry she sends us a cheese and charcuterie plate and some wine from the vineyard to our room...yummy... We eat it out on our balcony what a perfect end to a long day of travel...

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1st full day on holiday in Burgandy, France

It is like a fairytale everything about this place is magical, I don't ever want to leave....

sunny 28 °C

In the morning we almost miss breakfast as we have taken a melatonin to try to mitigate jet lag, and fell into a deep sleep. We get up at 10 am (breakfast is over at 10) we bolt to the restaurant and happily the buffet is still out and it is wonderful...It has everything your heart could desire for breakfast... After breakfast we arrange to rent bikes for the day. The bikes are in excellent condition with baskets on the front so cute and so french.... baskets come in handy later for the wine we collect along the way...

On our bike ride we pass through very quiet little french villages all made of stone, it is a holiday in France so there is no one around...we take 260 pictures today everything we see we are enamored with we that we feel we must photograph. My favorite subjects include french street signs, bicycles against stone walls, Sunflowers, stone houses, and flower boxes.

What a beautiful day for a bike ride in France...absolutely magical...I don't think Rob or I will never forget the pure joy of this day.... :) :)
On our way back I just happen to see a sign for a winery that is open...We venture in and meet the owner and his son who happily give us a tour of their cellar and tell us that the winery has been in their family for 5 generations and the son who met with us (who you can see peeking out behind Rob in the picture) is considered a master winemaker, getting job offers from all over the world... He has recently returned from Australia where he acted as a consultant to a large winery there...The Stone tasting room is charming and we are told is at least 200 years old... We sample 4 wines, Chardonnay is the most prevalent grape of this area but we also tried a wonderful Pinot Noir. The pours were very generous and Rob had to stop at the second glass as we were so dehydrated from our bike ride, had he had any more we may make it back to the Chateau :) We bought 2 bottles to bring back to the Chateau, the price 8 Euro a bottle and I am telling you the wine was sooo good. We get back to the Chateau and head to the pool...we are the only ones there on a most beautiful sunny afternoon. The pool is amazing, large, with views of the Chateau and the vineyard and sooo refreshing after our long bike ride... As evening approaches we bring our wine poolside and just relax...I think I have found heaven and will forever use this as my "happy place" imagery, when needed, upon my return to the daily grind in Canada.... :) We have lovely dinner at La Martine in Macon. There is a crazy couple sitting next to us who is having a very intense and intimate conversation (in French) which I am sure they do not think we can understand as we are speaking English, except with my understanding of french returning as if I was back in french immersion school once more, I understand every word...awkward for me, I don't tell Rob till the end of dinner and we have a good laugh... We order the Boeuf Bourguignon, this is my first time having it and to have it in Burgundy where it originated from.. I am thrilled and it is perfect.
This first full day has been absolutely wonderful we make our way back to the Chateau and crash out...

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Waking to Rodney the Rooster

Day 2, Clesse, Burgundy, France



Day 2 in Clesse we wake to the sound of Rodney the rooster (we have named him) and his buddy (unnamed) who sound totally out of tune it is hilarious dualling at 6:30 AM. Rob also seems to recall a goose who chimed in...too funny. We are well rested as the Chateau at night is so quiet (out in the country) and the air is fresh and cool...We are ready to go on day 2. We go for yummy breakfast then back onto the bikes heading this time to the Soane river... A lovely bike ride past beautiful fields of wild flowers and a slow moving river. We are out for the whole day and see only 2 other couples on the trail...We stop on a little stretch of secluded beach and rest before heading back to the Chateau. Once again to the pool to cool off and relax...like an old routine I wish would never end...
I am reading 2 books on this trip The Paris Wife and A Moveable Feast both set in Paris and really good reads....
Oh ya I almost forgot Rob ran over a snake on the bike ride. It came out of the cornfield and scared the bejesus out of me and Rob too I think?!?!...
Back at the pool we drink the rest of the Domaine de Gandines wine we had bought (a loveley chardonnay) We have dinner reservations at the Chateaux tonight, a restaurent Gastrnomique :)
Oh my goodness as if things couldn't get any better I ordered the Lobster and it was the best dish I have ever had! We sit outside for dinner on a terrace surrounded by stone walls everything was so romantic and perfect. After dinner we head off to bed only to be woken up by Rodney and friends in the morning of our departure. Rob says "I miss the Chateau already" this is a phrase I will here over and over on this trip whenever we leave one place for another. "I miss the Villa" (florence) as we leave for Venice, "I miss Venice" as we Leave for Paris etc.. and I am sure I may actually see tears accompanying "I miss Paris" on our last day...
IMG_0558 - Copy

IMG_0558 - Copy


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On to Florence with love...

Bonjourno Italia

sunny 34 °C

We board our first class train to Florence from Macon. I am very excited as Florence is on my bucket list. I missed visiting it 20 years ago when I was backpacking as a train strike delayed my travel plans through Italy. So we arrive in Florence I call it the city of Angels because we are not 100% sure where to catch the bus to Fisole (the mountainside village we will be staying near). Rob goes into the station to ask someone and I ask a Florentine lady who only speaks italian but is very happy to tell be using body language that we need to take the #1 bus to the #7 bus and that she will be taking the same bus and will make sure we get were we need to go.... I love the Angels amoung us...Rob makes it back to me just in time for us to get on the bus and our Italian angel gives us a wink as we get off the bus at the right spot... ;)
Villa Fisole set in what is very similar to the Hollywood Hills of L.A. is absolutely beautiful. We check into our room decked out in 1940's Hollywood decor complete with pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth... Ubber Glam Chadeliers and old Hollywood vibe...We head to the pool as it is so hot outside (35+C) The pool is refreshing...
They told us at check in that they are having a set menu dinner tonight in the dinning room. We decide to go and are seated at the only table with a view of the Duomo :) smile.
Dinner was delish then off to bed.


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